Device Management

Alongside our general support contract offerings, we also offer REmote Device MANagement (REDMAN) as an additional, pro-active level of support.  Our monitoring platform monitors the health and status of installed devices ensuring that the solution provided gives the upmost performance and stability + uptime = business continuity.

REDMAN covers 4 basic areas:

Device monitoring

  • Our platform polls your devices at intervals to check availability

Device Management

  • Including configuration changes and backup to our secure storage systems

Link Performance Monitoring

  • Where applicable, we’ll keep an eye on the performance of your connections – poor performance lowers productivity

Performance, health and availability reporting

  • Our platform stores historic events to give an overview of what has happened, and the ability to forecast what may happen, allowing us to be pro-active in network adjustments and upgrades

Our REDMAN offering is broken in to 5 different levels dependant on your requirements (customisation options are available, please contact us for more information):


  • Basic Level Offering
  • Business Hours device monitoring
  • Business Hours error notification


  • Business Hours device monitoring
  • Business Hours error notification
  • Assisted Fault Repair


  • Extended Hours Monitoring & Notification
  • Assisted Connectivity Repair
  • Pro-Active Device Management (Upgrades, repairs)


  • Operational Hours Monitoring & Notification
  • Pro-Active Connectivity & Device Repair
  • Pro-Active Health Checks
  • Management Visibility *


  • 24 x 7 Network Monitoring and Notification
  • Pro-Active Device Management & Repair
  • Pro-Active Network Health Checks
  • Pro-Active Connectivity Checks & Repair (including connectivity upgrade investigation)
  • Management Visibility *
Switchnet can grant access to our monitoring platform to view your own network status and performance.
We can add performance, health and availability reporting to REDMAN III and above