Talk to the Right People

We all know from experience that talking to the right people for a task is essential.¬†Not only do the right people know the product or service they offer, but they also know a better way of achieving the task in hand. We don’t claim to know everything about everything, but we do know a lot about our services, and the products we sell – mainly because everything we sell is rigourously tested in our labs and on our own network to ensure that the hardware does what it’s supposed to. If we don’t know something, we’ll tell you so, but we will find out the answer for you (and for us too!).

Why Should I Talk to Switchnet?

You have an idea for a service, product or solution for your network and you:

  • Want to check that your thinking is on track
  • Are not sure about which product you need
  • Need advice on the best way forward

We can certainly help there! We won’t blind you with techno-babble, but only speak in plain English. We’ll take the time to make sure you understand what we offer and how Switchnet Systems can help you and your business.

What Can Switchnet Do For Me?

Switchnet Systems can offer consultancy on a wide variety of projects and solutions which can include building extra services or performance on top of your existing network infrastructure, or starting from scratch. The products and technologies we offer cover (but not limited to):

  • IP CCTV Surveillance
  • Network Storage
  • Network Data Infrastructure
  • Fibre Optic Infrastructure
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Technical Support & Services
  • Access Control Solutions
  • VoIP Solutions


We can also offer bespoke solutions on a case by case basis, for further information please contact us

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