Triple Sign

HD Digital Signage

Tripleplay’s digital signage solution provides the ability to display a combination of video, text, image, transparent overlays, RSS and web feeds and live TV on any monitor or TV screen via a compact, eco-friendly and high grade IP set top box. Tripleplay believes that by using a STB as the player device, many common problems associated with PC based solutions are removed; operating system crashes, failure of moving parts such as hard disks and fans due to heat and dirt ingress, limited ability to centrally control content.

With TripleSign Digital Signage all content is stored in a central server on your own site, with each STB and screen drawing content as and when it is required. This method removes the need to individually manage multiple end devices on a site, ensuring that global changes are implemented quickly and confidently.

The system can operate as a stand-alone application displaying text and images or can be integrated with our TripleVOD video streaming and TripleTV IP Television system to provide a media rich environment for delivering a range of services including:

  • Internal or Public Information and Messaging
  • Advertising
  • Corporate Branding
  • Promotions
  • Live TV
  • Recorded Video
  • Live Newsfeeds and Weather
  • Calendars
  • Traffic and Travel Information

Web based technology and HTML interfaces are used for configuration and management, providing the following features:

  • Screen layout and grouping configuration
  • Playlist creation, content scheduling and distribution, enable every screen to display something unique or, alternatively uniform
  • Creation of administration user accounts (eg. scheduler, content management, events manager)
  • Support for displaying live feeds
  • Ability to run local based promotional offers through the display
  • Management of all content types
  • Broadcast of local information or live video feeds
  • Emergency systems integration allows screens to be overridden automatically when needed

Managed through a web management interface operating from a single server, the TripleSign Digital Signage solution has been designed to work superbly as a standalone product or as an additional module to enhance the value of the IPTV and VOD systems provided by Tripleplay.