6MP Moonlight sensor technology

A New Benchmark in Lowlight for Objects in Motion

The brand-new Mobotix 6MP cameras have an outstanding increase in light sensitivity of 100x or more than the 3MP cameras. The monochrome version reaches up to 300x higher sensitivity than the previous series. Instead of a one-second exposure time, the new 6MP systems can select only 1/100s which results in capturing even fast moving objects in low light conditions.

Short Exposure Times are Essential

In security monitoring, every moment and every frame of a video recording has to be as sharp as possible. When moving objects are involved this neccessitates shorter exposure times to capture as much of the movement, with as much clarity as possible. The counterpoint to this is that shorter exposure times capture less light, 1/100s captures 10x less light than a 1/10s exposure time. The lens, image sensor and image processing have to be very sophisticated to generate sharp and crisp images of moving objects, especially in low light conditions.

Sharp Image, More Proof

In darker scenes, long exposure times of up to 1 second create bright images and visible static objects. This is ideal to identify objects in these environments, but if the object is moving longer exposure times create a blurring or ghost effect in the captured image making identification and verification of moving objects virtually impossible.

In security applications, moving objects are of the upmost importance. Therefore shorter exposure times are essential to identify and verify what is going on within the captured images. Some manufacturers utilise a combination of technologies like adding frames to generate a brighter image (e.g. Lightfinder, HDR, etc). However, adding and overlaying subsequent frames, small details or objects in the scene could be suppressed or distorted, which is unacceptable in security applications.

Optimised for Performance

The increase in light sensitivity was achieved by several methods:

  • Wider sensor with bigger pixels to catch more light
  • Hardware noise reduction filter included within the sensor
  • New sophisticated lens with improved light transmission
  • Improved image processing software within the camera reducing the noise of low light images

This is the Mobotix Moonlight Technology.