Dedicated Connectivity

Ethernet Internet Access

Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) is a new, highly resilient copper-based Ethernet service, capable of carrying high bandwidth connections of up to 10Mbps into your premises without the need for end-to-end fibre leased lines.

Making use of EFM as part of a network solution offers considerable cost savings as it utilises very low cost copper pairs rather then a dedicated fibre installation.  Providing up to 10Mbps (<3Km from the exchange), with the advantage of “bundling” 5 copper pairs from the exchange to the premises to attain the bandwidth giving excellent resilience as the service simply scales the speed down rather than completely failing.

  • Guaranteed bandwidth – no contention
  • 10Mbps upstream and downstream – ideal for Head Office connectivity and supporting remote or home workers
  • EFM can generally be delivered in 35 days – compared to the months sometimes associated with new fibre installations