10 Cost saving reasons to choose Mobotix

In 1999 Mobotix developed a world first, by developing a network based camera system (not just the cameras) with high resolution video & audio over standard networks.  By integrating the analog video signal and by the integration of a powerful PC – on board – the Mobotix camera system is truly an “all in one” package.  With no need to physical moving parts, or analog/digital convertors or specific housing the Mobotix cameras are one step ahead.

Complementing our technical breakdown we’ve broken down the Mobotix camera system for those of you who just like to know what the bottom line is.

With this new IP-video concept Mobotix offers

  • high resolution with 1536 lines and variable image formates
  • high performance live display and recording
  • unlimited scalability of cameras and storage capacity
  • robust against backlight, network failures and environmental conditions
  • efficient power supply and network load
  • reliable without moving parts and remote administration

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From a cost perspective Mobotix offers 10 reasons:

  1. Increased resolution reduces the amount of cameras needed
    1536 Line, high resolution sensors give a better view and allow the monitoring of an entire room with just one camera
  2. Reduced installation costs
    Standard Ethernet connection enables the use of common network components such as fibre, copper and WiFi
  3. Intelligent recording technology
    Unique decentralised recording technology in the camera software puts less strain on PCs and reduces the amount of storage devices by up to 10 times
  4. Event controlled image rate minimises storage costs
    Event-driven, automatically adjusted recording frame rate based on event or sensor action reduces the amount of data and storage costs
  5. No additional power or heating required
    Anti-fogging without heating allows usage of standard PoE technology to power the system via the network saving the cost of additional power infrastructure
  6. Backup power requirement reduced by up to 8 times
    Low power consumption, 3 Watts, enables year-round PoE with one centralised UPS from core communications room
  7. Robust and practically maintenance free
    Fibreglass reinforced composite housing with built-in cable protection and no mechanical moving parts guarantees longevity
  8. No software or license costs
    Control and recording software is integrated in the camera and is free of charge; new features and functions are available via free software downloads
  9. Unlimited scalability and high return of investment
    While in use, more cameras and storage can be added at any time; image format, frame rate & recording parameters can be camera specific
  10. Additional functions and other extras included
    Audio support, lens, wall mount and weatherproof housing are included; microphone & speaker available in certain models