Business broadband by Timico is amongst the highest quality services available today

ADSL 2+ (dependant on coverage in your area)

As standard, ADSL connections will utilise the 21st Century Network in areas where it is available.  The Timico ADSL2+ service is suitable for small business or home workers, delivering download speeds of up to 20Mb/s and a maximum upload of 1.3Mb/s.  Greater speeds enables greater flexbility allowing businesses to run a range of super-fast telephony and IP services, such as high quality site-to-site video conferencing and remote on-line backup and storage solutions.

ADSL Max and Max Premium

For areas where the 21st Century Network isn’t yet available, Timico still offers ADSL Max and Max Premium services which offer download speeds of up to 8Mb/s with an ADSL Max upload speed of up to 448kb/s* and Max Premium of up to 832kb/s.

Speed Comparison Chart

* Actual speeds depend on the distance from the local BT exchange. Please note: To implement ADSL, an analogue phone line from BT is required