Single-point Management for scalable networks

This new, secure WLAN solution is based on the ZyXEL NXC5200 Wireless LAN Controller as well as the ZyXEL NWA5160N, NWA5560-N, and NWA5550-N Managed APs that scales up to 240 APs to provide comprehensive wireless coverage. Real-time functions such as data roaming, authentication and load balancing are performed on the NXC5200 while the , NWA-5560N, and NWA-5550N function strictly as signal converters. The major benefit is the centralized configuration independent of the number of available managed access points as long as there is an IP network available to the administrator.

Secure Wireless Edge

Mobile users pose more critical threats to company networks than wired users. To address this, the NXC5200 comes with Firewall features such as stateful packet check to regulate data incoming from mobile users. In addition, the license-based Intrusion Detection and Prevention as well as Anti-Virus functions also allow the NXC5200 to act as a gatekeeper on the network edge to block potential threats. ZyXEL keeps the best-of-breed technology and provides strong industry-standard WLAN security with WPA/WPA2-enterprise authentication and a variety of Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) supports. The NWA5000-N Series can relieve businesses from critical WLAN security concerns.

Full performance

The prevalence of 11n wireless networks is putting the capacity of traditional controllers to the test. Fortunately, the NXC5200 is designed to relieve the concerns for IT staff – the high-performance system pumps data through each virtual AP, and it can be configured to bridge locally or enter the NXC5200 WLAN controller for better management. With this feature, the NXC5200 and the NWA5000-N Series can offload the network burden while allowing users to enjoy the 11n wireless performance.