WAC6500 Series

The WAC6500 series delivers industry-leading Wi-Fi performance with its innovative smart antenna design, offering more than 700 optimized signal patterns. The ZyXEL smart antenna continuously calculates the ideal physical-layer path for each individual client. This feature not only provides the best possible signal by shaping to various patterns, it also mitigates interference from other wireless clients.

1:1 Migration from 802.11n to 11ac

Many enterprises face a dilemma when migrating from 802.11n to 11ac — while 5GHz offers higher transfer speeds, its shorter wavelength can hampers coverage. The WAC6500 series’ smart antenna allows users to migrate from wireless n to wireless ac without reconfiguring or adding additional APs to a network. The smart antenna dynamically adjusts wireless patterns, doubling performance with stronger signals to increase sensitivity and improve interference resistance.

Perfect choice of high-density environments

Designed with smart antenna, the WAC6500 series provides dynamic signal patterns to deliver best service to every client. In addition, advanced Wi-Fi features such as load balancing and smart-client steering ensure a smooth, consistent, and uninterrupted wireless access experience for all users.

Easy to deploy

WAC6500 series is extraordinarily easy to install with the ZyXEL APFlex™ feature. While deploying large groups of WAC6500 series with AP controllers in place, APFlex™ enables streamline and hassle-free installation, simple switching between Managed/Standalone AP modes and automatic integration of APs into the network environment. When operating, DCS (dynamic channel selection) balances the AP channels to reduce signal interference.