Managed L2 and L3 Gigabit connectivity

The ZyXEL Switch 4500 Series provides wirespeed Layer-2 Gigabit switching of up to 144Gpbs, along with advanced Layer-3 switching, multicasting, resiliency including OSPF, DVMRP and VRRP for connectivity requirements. Its four flexible speeds — 10/100/1000Mbps and 10Gbps performance — also provide greater flexibility to the core networks or high-performance servers.

Unique 24 GbE copper and fibre connectivity

Unlike competing offerings with GbE copper and fiber connectivity, the leading architecture employed by XGS-4528F delivers 24 1000Base-T copper interfaces along with standard RJ-45 connectors and 24 SFP slots in a 19-inch 1U enclosure. This unique benefit gives network designers the highest flexibility and cost advantage in terms of equipment investment, network administration and system maintenance.