Create And Manage Your Media Content with HD VoD

With the advent of increased quality, high speed broadband networks, the desire for Video on Demand services in all areas of life has grown exponentially. The ability to access video content from any device at any time is something that has become requisite rather than optional for the majority of organisations. And so, with this change, controlling that content is now more important than ever.

TripleVOD from Tripleplay is an expandable, standards based, multi-purpose, Video on Demand solution, designed to give administrators an easy job and the end user an exceptional experience.

A simple to use web based management system ensures administrators have a real time representation of the activities occurring on the platform. Through the use of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), support alarms may be raised to ensure awareness of any potential issues with the platform before they occur. Options to track which videos are being viewed on the system and encrypted content are standard features of the TripleVOD product.

Key Facts

  • Full platform extendability
  • Intuitive and familiar user experience
  • Simple configuration and maintenance through web interface
  • Includes Hollywood studio approved content encryption
  • SNMP Management
  • Compatible with all main IP Set Top Box manufacturers
  • Supports Secure Media encryption
  • Support for up to 200 concurrent video streams on a single VOD unit
  • Standard and High Definition formats supported
  • 500GB to 6TB single unit VoD head end units available
  • Simple integration into TripleSign and TripleTV