NSW100-28 / NSW100-28P

The Zyxel Nebula NSW100 Series Cloud Managed Switches provide Layer-2 Gigabit access switching with 8/24-port PoE and non-PoE models. The PoE models support 802.3at PoE Plus standards to provide a 180/375-watt highpower budget. Every Nebula switch is designed to be managed completely from the Nebula Control Center. The cloud-based management interface provides site-wide configuration and monitoring of all ports, which allows multiple switches to be configured at the same time with a single click over the Web.

Zero-touch Deployments

The Zyxel Nebula switches can automatically download the current configuration to new devices connected to the network to enable auto-provisioning without the need for on-site network professionals.

Efficient Network Provisioning

All the Zyxel Nebula switches are centrally managed with a single management interface; switch settings made in the Nebula Control Center can automatically propagate to all connected Zyxel Nebula switches.

Increased Network Uptime

The Zyxel Nebula Switches provide stable network environments by incorporating a mechanism that detects and prevents configuration that could potentially cause network disconnection between the device and Nebula Control Center.

Holistic Management

The Zyxel Nebula Switches can automatically discover wired and wireless devices that connected to a network, and then draw the network topology to enable network administrators to easily troubleshoot issues remotely.


Camera General Features
Power Input

100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Switch Performance
Forwarding Rate (Mbps)


Switching Capacity (Gbps)


Power Input

100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Maximum Power Consumption

27.2, 476.7 (P/HP Model)

Total PoE Budget (Watt)

375 (P/HP Model)

Port Density
Total Port Count


100/1000 Mbps


100/1000 Mbps PoE

24 (P/HP models)

Gigabit combo (SFP/RJ45)