MxThinClient connects your camera network to a monitor or television equipped with an HDMI port. For displaying the live image from individual cameras or Door Stations in chronological order and/or the live image from the camera which last triggered an alarm (e.g., motion detection). Also for displaying advertising messages in retail stores.

  • Display of cameras and Door Stations on a monitor/TV
  • License-free implementation of security applications and video walls
  • Initial configuration via password-protected web interface on PC
  • Automatic camera switching, time- or event-controlled
  • Input (connection to PoE switch): Ethernet 100Base-T (RJ45)
  • Output (connection to monitor/TV): HDMI Type D (MicroHDMI)
  • For use indoors, ambient temperature: 0 to 40 °C (32°F to 104°F)


Display Of Local Or Globally Networked Camera

The MxThinClient is simply connected via a network cable to a free PoE port of a switch to which the camera displaying the image is also connected. The MxThinClient and monitor are connected with an HDMI cable. If an additional router is connected to the switch, remote cameras that are accessible by Internet via Dynamic DNS service can also be displayed on the monitor.


Low Operating Costs

The MxThinClient is license- and maintenance-free, requires very little power (2 W), can be easily supplied with emergency power via the PoE switch and is boot-stable (fast, reliable auto start following a power failure). The network device can be enabled/disabled by plugging and unplugging the Ethernet patch cable supplying power. If the current link to the camera is disrupted, a message to this effect is displayed to the user on the screen.


PC Not Required For Operation

The MxThinClient offers unique applications by foregoing all control elements such as a keyboard and mouse and due to its “monitoring-only functionality”: In retail stores with customer traffic, for example, in the entrance area in order to make customers aware of the video surveillance system in use (theft prevention). Or whenever operation of the video equipment is not desired and only live camera images are to be displayed (video wall).


PC Not Required For Operation

MxThinClient can also display on the monitor/TV the live image of the integrated MOBOTIX camera which last triggered an event due to a current event, such as MxActivitySensor. The camera and MxThinClient communicate via MxMessageSystem.