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The Entry panel is a robust door entry panel incorporating both door entry and access control functions. It is powered using power over Ethernet (PoE) and communicates with the other elements of the system using IPv6, providing ‘plug and play’ installation. Each panel is associated with a Entry control unit which is the interface to the door hardware.

The panel is equipped with a keypad and a proximity token reader. A resident can use either the keypad or a token to gain entry. Installers gain access to the menu options using an
engineer code or an engineer token.

Net2 software is used to administer the access control functions.

Decide how the units are to be connected. You can either run your own wired network or (with the owner’s permission) share the buildings existing data network. If using the owners network, the system uses IPv6 protocol and PoE (Power over Ethernet) so the network must support this switch type.

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The Entry touch panel is a premium external panel for use with Paxton’s door entry system, Entry. Comprising a quality 7-inch colour touch screen with personalisation options, the touch panel has a line-out for use with T-Loop antenna for users with hearing aids and advanced sound processing, for high traffic areas making it suitable for even more sites than ever before.

When used with the Entry Premium monitor the touch panel supports two-way video calling and the facility to leave video voicemails.

All Entry panels are IPX5 rated, making them suitable for external use in all weather conditions.


Entry components simply interconnect using Cat5 or standard RJ45 terminated patch cables. Entry can also utilise existing network infrastructure for simple installation. PoE technology runs power and data along the same cable to avoid the need for separate power supplies.

The rain hood version of this panel is mounted directly on the surface of the wall so that it is protruding, with an additional 41mm mantel to protect the screen and keypad from the rain. For multiple panel entrances, more than one panel can be associated with an ACU.

A secondary IP camera can also be installed and integrated with the Entry system to allow extra security in areas of restricted visibility. This provides flexibility with the option to switch between the two cameras on the Entry Monitor.


A visitor initiates a video call via the touch screen on the external panel. Visitor access can be granted via the Entry monitor. The internal monitor can be used via either the handset for private calls or in hands free mode.

When connected to Net2, access to the building can be gained by using a PIN, Code and/or proximity token (including MIFARE® and Paxton tokens).

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Camera General Features
Power Input

PoE (IEEE 802.3af)

Bandwidth requirement





Audio & Video
Audio system

Moisture resistance

Vandal resistance

Operating Temperature


PoE Class

Power Input

PoE (IEEE 802.3af)

Audio system

Camera system

PIN/Code entry

Proximity entry

Token compatibility

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Cable type

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Mounting Options

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Other Hardware Features
Anti-Glare Coating


Auto Brightness


LCD Display


Low-light LED


Touch Mode


Token compatibility

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Dimensions 16 × 34.5 cm