Net2 PaxLock

Net2 PaxLock offers a powerful wireless Net2 system within a door handle. It combines a wireless access control unit and a reader in one. There are several versions of Net2 PaxLock available; Paxton and Mifare compatible versions, both of which come with or without the option of key override.

Net2 PaxLock communicates with Net2 software at a central point by a secure, low power radio link, and events are reported back to the server in real-time. Net2 PaxLock is battery powered, which means that the unit is totally wireless as it does not require mains power.

Other hardware features:

  • Available in both Paxton and Mifare formats.
  • Wireless real-time event reporting.
  • When PaxLock is unlocked handle moves freely.
  • Distance from the handle to the cylinder (centres): 48mm to 72mm.
  • Square spindles available: 7mm, 8mm, 8mm split
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Net2 PaxLock is a battery powered Net2 access control unit in a slimline door handle. Comes ready to fit onto a standard Euro profile lock case (sold separately). It communicates with the Net2 server PC using the low power and secure wireless technology of Net2Air. Net2 PaxLock is designed for use with Net2Air Ethernet bridges to give the advantages of a wireless networked access control system. It is simple to use and fast to fit because it is not wired into a mains power source. Ideal for internal doors.


Fit the chosen mortice lock to the door and place the template provided over the spindle. Use the template to drill the required holes and then cut the spindle to the required size. Secure to the door and insert the batteries. Bind the unit to the Net2 system by presenting a pre-enrolled token.


Any changes made at the PC are communicated and stored at the Net2 PaxLock. When a user presents their token to the reader, the Net2 PaxLock identifies them and permits or denies access as appropriate.

48mm version info:

  • Paxlock – Secure cover 48mm with foam pad
  • PaxLock – 19mm dia. handles, boxed
  • PaxLock- Drive follower bar assy, 8mm with pin
  • Paxlock – Hitag2, 48mm unsecure side


Camera General Features
Power Input

4x AA 1.5V Alkaline

Moisture resistance

Vandal resistance

Operating Temperature


Power Input

4x AA 1.5V Alkaline

Battery Life

Up to 60,000 operations

Proximity entry

Token compatibility

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Devices per Net2Air Bridge


Typical Wireless Range



2.4GHz (IEEE 802.15.4)

Door Release Time

1-60 seconds

Door Traffic

Typically up to 50 uses per day

Max Tokens/Users (Online)


Token compatibility

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